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Essential Carry Skills 3


Essential Carry Skills (ECS) is as its name implies, are the necessary skills needed to successfully carry a concealed firearm, deploy the firearm under physical and mental stress.

ECS 3 continues building pistol skills learned in ECS 2, but advances into resolving ammunition related malfunctions that might be encountered while utilizing a firearm.  The class pushes the participant to be able to resolve outages in a timely manner, while maintaining  accuracy on target.   ECS 2 spends a significant amount of time on the range utilizing shooting drills that push for accuracy while incorporating the basics of movement and verbal challenges.

The trainee participating in ECS 3 will attempt the POST qualification shooting exam used by the state of Colorado to measure police officer shooting competence, as well as other challenging shooting drills.  The student will need to provide their own gun, holstering system, 2-4 magazines and carrier (or speed loaders), concealment garment, 200 rounds of ammunition and range appropriate clothing.

Essential Carry Skills 3