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Basic AR15/NRA Basic Rifle


Our Basic Rifle class focuses on the AR15 platform of rifles.   We recognize that the AR15 platform has been the mostly widely sold rifle of the past 10 years, and its versatility and modular design will ensure its popularity into the foreseeable future.  This class covers the basics of AR15 ownership such as parts, and accessory nomenclature, rifle safety, loading, unloading, and marksmanship.   The class also covers the differences in a variety of accessories often found on the modern sporting rifle.   We leverage the Ti Training (Use of Force) Simulator to teach positional shooting and marksmanship, while the student uses their own rifle for hands on take-down and cleaning exercises, as well as using it to practice loading, and unloading with dummy rounds, and range session.

Equipment needed for 2XTap Basic AR15:

  • Eye and Ear protection
  • 2 rifle magazines minimum
  • 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Magazine carry system (optional)
  • Sling (optional)

Basic AR15/NRA Basic Rifle