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2XTap Purse and Bag Essential Carry Skills


Want to explore how to carry your gun in a purse or bag? Have you received or purchased a new purse or bag?

In this class, you’ll learn how to safely carry in, and draw from, a bag.  There is far more to it than just “throwing your gun in your purse” as some people believe.   Taught by a Defense Training International (DTI) certified instructor, this class will prepare you to carry your gun in the ultimate “urban camouflage.”  We’ll discuss pros/cons of off-body carry, as well as how to choose a bag that is appropriate for your lifestyle and gun choice.

This class is limited to five people. The course structure will be classroom instruction, discussion, dry practice, simulator and live-fire exercises. Students will have the opportunity to try different styles of bags and access points. Students are welcome to bring their own bags.

The cost of this class is $150.00 and does not include the required one box of ammo.
Rental guns and bags will be available for a $50 to be paid on the morning of class.  Please contact us via email if you would like to arrange for a rental.

2XTap Purse and Bag Essential Carry Skills