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Essential Carry Skills 2


Essential Carry Skills (ECS) is as its name implies, are the necessary skills needed to successfully carry a concealed firearm, deploy the firearm under physical and mental stress.

ECS 2 builds where Essential Carry Basics left off, and is designed for the student that has a degree of knowledge of firearms, or has recently successfully passed a Basic Pistol Class.   This class starts with the basics of drawing from a holster, utilizing a concealment garment, exercising situational awareness, shooting moving targets, and improving judgement to name a few of the skills acquired in this class.   The majority of this class is done utilizing a Law Enforcement quality “Use of Force Simulator”, and short live fire exercise to practice the skills learned.

The trainee participating in ECS 2 should bring their own firearm, strong side holster, or inside the waistband holster, magazine carrier, with 2 to 3 magazines or speed loaders, 100 rounds of ammunition.   A belt designed for CCW, closed toe shoes and a ball cap are beneficial.

Essential Carry Skills 2